Stefano Gracis and Matteo Capelli met in 1990. In that year Gracis returned to Italy after more than ten years of study in the United States, where he received a degree in Dentistry from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and a Master's Degree in Prosthetics in Seattle. Capelli graduated in Dentistry in 1990 at the University of Milan. In 1993 he went overseas for specialization: for almost a year he followed several stages of surgery in Los Angeles and Boston and of endodontics in Santa Barbara.

At the base of this training, completed in America at major research and refinement centers, there is a common goal: to achieve excellent technical and scientific preparation, comparing with dentists from all over the world.



Back in Italy and with the start of their business, Gracis and Capelli understand that they have to deal with a new dimension: the high quality craftsmanship of which Italy is the undisputed cradle.

It becomes necessary for both to be able to transfer the tools learned in scientific practice into a reality whose strength lies in the direct relationship with the patient.


The professional paths of the two dentists cross in Milan in the first study opened by Stefano Gracis in Melzi d’Eril Street. Here Gracis, in support of his practice in the prosthetic field, collaborates closely with specialists from different disciplines.

Initially, Matteo Capelli is a collaborator for the endodontic and surgical section. In 1999 they decided to join forces: the Gracis-Capelli Associate Firm was founded in Via Brera. The goal of the two doctors is to offer their patients, within the same place, the most complete and personalized treatment possible, from surgery to the final prosthesis, further enhanced by the comparison and daily collaboration of both.


To offer a more accurate service, a redistribution of the environments is carried out: the reception and the waiting room are redesigned to offer greater comfort to the patients who stay there; the sterilization rooms are expanded and equipped with new equipment; state-of-the-art machinery for real-time diagnostics is acquired. Finally, the study expands with the creation of a new floor connected with an internal lift: here is located a modern surgical suite suitable for all types of surgery, including that in conscious sedation.


Today the high instrumental technology and the skills acquired by the owners over years of training combine with artisan care. Crossing the threshold of DentalBreraClinic is like entering a great tailor's atelier: a refined craftsman who is not satisfied with sewing a tailored suit; he first of all listens to the wishes of his client, interprets them and finally understands what is best to enhance his personality.

At DentalBreraClinic the dress of our patients is their smile. Thanks to empathic communication with patients, to quality choices in the selection of raw materials used in each phase, to the exclusive collaboration with dental technicians with experience and sensitivity, DentalBreraClinic offers a new dimension of dental practice: the clinic-atelier.