Care of the oral cavity plays a fundamental role in the age of growth, when there is still time to successfully correct dental or skeletal disharmony that, if neglected, could later become small or large "problems" in adult life.

For this reason, it is important to take our children to the dentist as soon as they enter the delicate pre-adolescent phase, so as to be able to accompany them in a conscious way in all the phases of development of the bone apparatus, starting from the period of the exchange of permanent milk teeth. At this time, it is essential to focus attention on the correct oral hygiene of the children and on the intake of fluoride they receive through the diet, which should be integrated, if possible, according to the doctor's opinion also through fluoroprophylaxis sessions, an effective treatment that strengthens the enamel and prevents tooth decay, easily performed in a session of about 15 minutes.

To avoid carious lesions of fragile young teeth, we believe it is useful to resort also to occlusal sealing of molars and premolars, which will avoid the use of early deep fillings at an age in which the accurate and regular use of toothpaste and toothbrush is not yet an acquired practice. For this reason, the youngest are potentially more exposed to the risk of caries, thanks to a diet rich in sugars and foods that are not exactly healthy.

During the visit we will be able to evaluate the opportunity to plan a child-friendly professional hygiene session, also dedicating space to a lesson on the simple daily practices to dedicate to our teeth. Hygiene is recommended for example when the need for orthodontic treatment is highlighted.

For both interventions we can count on professionals prepared for the care of the youngest, to whom we wish to reserve an ever-widening space with therapies designed specifically for them.


As a first step in this direction, we have consistently involved one of the most appreciated expert specialists, Raffaella Lecchi, for several years a reference point for DentalBreraClinic for pre-prosthetic orthodontic treatments, who has a practice of over 15 years with children and adolescents.

Dr. Lecchi, in team with the other members of the clinical team of the study, will be able to build a personalized orthodontic therapy plan for every young patient who has more or less serious occlusion defects, from the simple crowding of the teeth to the incorrect bite up to inclusion of one or more teeth, a situation that occurs when a new permanent tooth does not find sufficient space to erupt into the arch. In this case, the orthodontist will work closely with the surgeon to study a coordinated therapy plan.

After graduating in Dentistry and specializing in Orthodontics, Raffaella Lecchi was trained at the Istituto Stomatologico of Milan and attended various internships with leading international experts in orthodontics, until becoming a child gnathology consultant at the Gaetano Pini Orthopedic Institute in Milan, where she expanded her experience in the field of skeletal-dental malocclusions of children. She treats the little ones with the consideration that she reserves for their parents, involving them, making them protagonists and making them responsible, so that they can participate in the care plan instead of being subjected to it. And learn to never be afraid of the dentist.