In addition to clinical practice, Stefano Gracis e Matteo Capelli dedicate themselves to an intense teaching and congress activity, an indispensable exchange channel with the scientific world of research and innovation that allows them to be always updated on what is happening in the dental world.
This commitment reserved to lifelong learning is the basis of the reputation and appreciation that are recognized in Drs. Gracis and Capelli by the international dental scientific community.
With curiosity and passion, they are available to give their contribution as expert speakers in conventions dedicated to scientific comparison or the exchange of clinical experiences with the most brilliant exponents of the many branches of dentistry.
This "job", a continuous work in progress of development and investment in oneself, is poured every day into practice on the patient in an osmosis of knowledge for the professionalism of a clinician, especially if his goal is to offer tailor-made solutions for each person he will take care of in his medical activity.
The fruitful dialogue developed by Gracis and Capelli with the most popular colleagues in the scientific circles of the globe is highlighted by the involvement in the most prestigious events and academies of aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry, with prominent active roles and honorary positions of the highest level.

This extraordinary competence is a value that the two dentists also share with young doctors (but not only), who come to Milan from all over Italy to learn the techniques of prosthetic and surgical art developed with meticulousness and enthusiasm, studying new solutions, testing materials and techniques, always confronting and questioning each other, at the service and in the interest of the patient.